Scholium Group PLC on Tuesday said its subsidiary Shapero Rare Books Ltd has sold a 50% interest in its entire stock of Russian books, maps, prints and works on paper to PY Ltd.

PY is a company controlled by Pierre-Yves Guillemet, a former employee of Shapero.

The Russian stock had a cost and book value at March 31 of GBP1.0 million, and in the year ended on that date generated a contribution of around GBP15,000 to central costs.

The consideration comprises GBP250,000 payable on completion and a non-interest-bearing loan of GBP315,000 repayable from the sale of the Russian stock in the period to February 28, 2022. Any balance of the loan not repaid by then is to be repaid in cash in full by that date.

Scholium said it will retain ownership of 50% of the Russian stock, and will receive half the sale proceeds including a half share of the profit.

“We are delighted to have entered into this agreement with PY Ltd, which will enable us to redeploy part of our investment in the Russian stock into more buoyant parts of our business, whilst also retaining an interest in the profits which we are confident Pierre-Yves Guillemet will earn,” Chairman Jasper Allen said.

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